Fixed Diamond Speedstar A50 RdHt 6

Fixed Diamond Speedstar A50 RdHt 6

Post by mike swin » Fri, 06 Aug 1999 04:00:00

get a diamond viper 550 or one that is listed in list.[THROW AWAY
simply boot linux after replaceing card it automatically finds it. once
you choose it on screen.
  [agp is five times faster than pci in some cases]also cmos finds it
first at startup.

at root prompt choose linuxconf/or xconfigurator.
try setting your resultion to just one setting svga 1024x760 closest to
your mon.

I have a monitor that is not on the list but it accepted it.most analog
Monitors will work.

My screen was black before replacing video card.

There is an excellant site which tells you what hardware will work.
LhD: The Linux Hardware Database