libc5 -> libc6 and Seg. Faults

libc5 -> libc6 and Seg. Faults

Post by Michael Sad » Sat, 25 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I recently installed Red Hat 5.1, and now find that many of my programs
linked with libc5 give a "segmentation fault" when I try to run them, even
though they work fine under the old set-up.  This happens, even thought I
installed the RPM package which is supposed to provide for libc

Interesting, when I run
ldd executable

I often find
libm.5 => not found

even though "ldconfig -v" clearly shows that libm.5 should be there.

Some of these codes are commercial and I cannot recompile them.  Is there
a trick to getting libc5 executables to run properly under Red Hat?


libc5 -> libc6 and Seg. Faults

Post by T.E.Dicke » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

: Very often this type of thing is caused by a "third party" library (i.e.
: ncurses) crosslinking libc5 and libc6.
um. not really (at least not reported on newsgroups).  the most common
problems with ncurses in this area are:

        + people symlink'ing incompatible versions together and wondering
          why the result doesn't work

        + people upgrading from an obsolete version of ncurses and (a) not
          reading the installation note about the location of terminfo, or
          (b) relying on a package made by someone who didn't test that the
          /usr/lib/terminfo link works.

Thomas E.*ey


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