Printing to Citizen PRINTiva600C

Printing to Citizen PRINTiva600C

Post by Martin Clayto » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I've got a Citizen PRINTiva 600C which I can print ASCII text to OK - I'd
like to use gs to filter "postscript" files to it.  The printer documents
claim it undertands "RGL (RTL-PCL5 subset)" and Epson ESC/P.

Anyone worked with this printer on a Linux system?  Which gs device did
you use?



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1. Problem printing with the Citizen 120D

I have a problem trying to print anything more than a
couple of K in size. The printer prints out the first
2 characters of the file and then hangs. It's not an spooler
problem. Even 'cat file > /dev/lp1' exhibits the same
behaviour. Swapping the printer for another kind, e.g.
a Panasonic K-P1180 solves the problem.
So the question is?
Is this a driver problem or a printer problem? Any
insight would be gratefully received.

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