Curious Networking problem: Installed via FTP but now the Network won't start.

Curious Networking problem: Installed via FTP but now the Network won't start.

Post by David Evan » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I've successfully installed RH5.2 via FTP to a 486/66.

However, I've run across an odd error.  The network refuses to initialize.
I'm a bit new to linux so I'll give you what I feel are the relevant details
based on my readings of HOWTO's etc.

I get the following message while booting up:

insmod:  /lib/modules/preferred/net eepro.o: init_module : Device or
resource busy.
Delaying etho initialization

Here are the settings that I have I have been looking at and changed a
couple of times but nothing seems to work.

In the Kernel Configurator:
type        module    arguments
etho        eepro      io=0x210 irq=11
eepro    <blank>    io=0x210 irq=11

contents of /etc/sysconfig/network

In the network configurator for device eth0
Network: (I'm a little unsure of exactly what this is here)
<yes> Activate interface at boot time
protocol: none.

Any suggestions anyone?  I did install Linux then transport the system to
another local so something might have been damaged in the transport, but the
other computer that was on top of it is fine...

I'm just stumped here.

-David Evans


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