??: Slack96/Sendmail/Procmail/Popclient - Update Problem??? Help!

??: Slack96/Sendmail/Procmail/Popclient - Update Problem??? Help!

Post by Douglas E. Mitt » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've seen these problems posted several times but never a solution so
I'm trying!!!

I've been using Linux for several months.  Some of the functionality I
wanted wasn't available, and the updates had other dependancies when
added to my original Slackware 3.0 installation so I decided to
upgrade.  Slackware 3.0 to Slackware 96 (3.1).  I backed up my
customization/local stuff and "went for it"!!!

I have my original configuration back up and running BUT 2 behaviour
problems have cropped up and I'd like to know the PROPER solution ...
the man pages don't specify these symptoms BUT they may use
terminology I don't recognize ...

1) Received mail is displayed on the screen in the middle of whatever
I am doing ... as well as being placed in the mail box.  I don't want
to "lock" the session, I just want to get back to the familiar
behavior of a "You have new mail ..." notification.
- I can't figure out if it is sendmail.cf (DeliverMode) or a default
procmail configuration.  If it is procmail I'd like to fix it as its
other features look VERY valuable.

2) When I use popclient V3.0b4 to retrieve mail from my ISP I get
double the messages ... the actual one and a BLANK message.  Its not
my configuration (?) as I went back to procmail V2.21 as a fix and the
problem goes away ... the new mime support is something I want so I'd
like to resolve this.

Thanks in advance for any help ... any responses, especially RTFMs (to
a location that is) would be appreciated!!!

   Doug Mitton
    * In Brockville, Ontario, Canada
      (City of the Thousand Islands!)