Help with cr522B cdrom and install of RH8.0

Help with cr522B cdrom and install of RH8.0

Post by Tavish Muldo » Sat, 22 Mar 2003 05:46:20


I am new to this!

I thought I would try to install RedHat 8.0 on my old p233.  Now this
machine is old and has a CR522B panasonic cdrom.  The boot.img does
not recognize it.  And since I have the CDs to do the install - I am

I tried at the boot prompt:  linux text cdrom=sbpcd - did not work.
It asks what kind of cdrom I have - and the only option is SCSI.  In
the next screen of course my cdrom drive is not listed.

I tried a network install via ftp with bootnet.img.  Of course it
never recognizes the network card (DEC 8139) - it keeps sending me
back to the first screen.

This machine does have win95 on it.  And detects the network card.

Do I have any hope in hell of getting this installed?





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Thanks for the help.

Guess I am really screwed in that sense.   So I cannot get Linux 8.0
up with this cdrom.

Tried linux: linux text cdrom=/dev/sbpcd - no luck - still came up to
choosing a cdrom (SCSI - only choice) then it listed 4 drivers - no of
them the CR522B.

How about a network install?  I do have a windows based computer - and
the RH cd's burned.  I was going to point something like SERVUFTP to
my cdrom.

There is a bootnet.img - for network installs - I can make that.

The network card on the computer is an SMC Ethernet Elite 16 Ultra
(8216, 8216C, 8216T)

I doubt the will have the driver for linux on it.  If I
can find it - how do I get get it on a floppy to be used for the

You help is much appreciated!



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