Burning REDHAT image on CDR

Burning REDHAT image on CDR

Post by Rod Smi » Sat, 26 Jun 1999 04:00:00

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Quote:> Hi,

> My friend has a cable modem and a CDR-recorder.  He is also using Win95.
> Would it be possible for his to download the .rpm packages from Redhat's ftp
> site and burn them onto CDROM for me to install on my machine?  I haven't
> been keeping up to date with the newest going ons in Linux for about 2.5
> years so I'm not sure how much the installations procedures have changed.
> I assume that I could boot from the Redhat Image disks and then mount this
> Joliet-style CDR and install Redhat from there?  Anybody see a problem with
> this stategy?  Thanks.

It's possible.  Check my web site on the subject:


Please read it, don't just glance at it!  There are a lot of potential
pitfalls, and if you don't read all the relevant sections, chances are
very good you'll fall into one of them.

Alternatively, for ~$7 you can buy a CD from LSL (http://www.lsl.com),
Cheap*Bytes (http://www.cheapbytes.com), or various others.

Rod Smith

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