RedHat 5.0 does not have liloconfig

RedHat 5.0 does not have liloconfig

Post by aüà » Sun, 05 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

        I have just upgraded my RedHat 4.2 to 5.0. But I found that
XF86Setup can no longer be used. Although there is a replacement Xconfigurator
for it, but XF86Setup is for me more convenient.

        Also, I can't find liloconfig which existed in my old 4.2 system.

        Can anyone tell me there is any command which performs the same
function as liloconfig.

        Besides, the upgrade did not install the sndconfig package for me,
I have already chosen to install sound.

        Anyway, is there anyone thinks 4.2 is better than 5.0. I think I am
going to reinstall my 4.2.

        Any comment and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Best wishes,

  Name :Or Chung Yuk      
  Major:Electronic Engineering


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