Red Hat 5.0 Install problems

Red Hat 5.0 Install problems

Post by Richard M. Kuhn » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

    I have been trying to install Red hat 5.0 on a system at home and have
run into several problems
any help/insights would be greatly appreciated:

Problem 1:
I picked up an AHA1510 SCSI controller that shows up on the supported
hardware list in the compatibility howto.  When I boot the kernel it does
not recognize the SCSI controller.  I checked the controller chip # on the
board and compared it to the one in the how to.  They match.  I then
unplugged all extraneous hardware from the machine ( modem, soundcard, etc)
so there were just the video, HDD and SCSI controller in the computer and
tried again.  The kernel still did not recognize any SCSI devices and in the
install the 1510 is not listed as one of the SCSI options so I tried the
152X driver but that didn't work either.  Am I missing something?  Anyone
got any Ideas?

Problem 2:
In the absence of a SCSI card that was working I fell back to the SCSI port
on my PAS16.  The kernel recognized the SCSI port and scanned the chain
correctly.  I then proceeded in the installation and partitioned my drives.
When I got to the point where the drives were being formatted the machine
took a, well vacation of sorts, I didn't get any error messages when I
looked at tty3 and the message list the last entry was the mke2fs command.
I could not however break out of the command.   I ended up having to reboot
the machine....  Again am I missing something here ?  Has anyone else had
this problem?



1. Red Hat 5.0 install problem

Hello all.
    I am trying to install RH 5.0 on to my friend's computer.  He has RH
5.0 CD-ROM from cheap*bytes.  Well, the problem is that when we run
autoboot, it resets the system.  I can not make out the linux boot up
messages(before the system resets), because they scroll too fast.  We
tried to do a floppy install, and the same thing happens.  I thought
that the problem might be in the RH5.0 distribution, and tried to
install RH4.1 instead, but the same thing happened again.
    Have anyone experieced such problems?  How have you corrected them?

Here is his system specs:
AMD K6-233
Motherboard -- Pentium Super TX M5ATA(I have no idea what the brand is,
it's a CTX computer).
PCI1 -- Boca Research 56K PnP modem
PCI2 -- Matrox Mistique video card
PCI3 -- Ess 16-bit PnP sound card

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you.
Marsel Osipov

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