ld Error on g++ compile - Help needed!

ld Error on g++ compile - Help needed!

Post by Alwyn Schoem » Sat, 26 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I get the following errors when I compile with the makefile at the end
of this message:

ld: Output file requires shared 'libc.so.4'
gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 6

Ok...I have that specific lib....I use kernel 1.2.1...(maybe the problem?)

Here's the makefile

CF = -c -dLINUX -g -O -I. -I/usr/g++-include
LF = -L /lib

BIN = /home/$(USER)/projek/bin/
F1 = filename

.SUFFIXES:      .o .cxx

default:        $(F1).o $(BIN)($F1)


.cxx.o:;        g++ $(CF) $*.cxx

This one works on a SUN machine....

Any pointers?



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