RedHat 7.3 on Gateway X500 goes to sleep?

RedHat 7.3 on Gateway X500 goes to sleep?

Post by Bob La » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 08:47:24

I have installed RedHat 7.3 on a Gateway X500 ( I think that is what it
is) and every so often if no one is using the keyboard the system just
seems to go to sleep or something. Does anybody know what is happening
and how I can fix it?  I'm trying to run this as a web server.

Bob Law


1. Help - Issue with Dual-Homed RedHat 7.3 (public interface seems to sleep - Random)

I have a dual-homed linux server  (RH 7.3).
     eth0  - private network
     eth1 - public network

          Policy :  Deny All
          Eth0    : Accept All
          l0 : Accept All
          Eth1   :
               - Incoming:  Allow only TCP to port 443
                       Allow ICMP traffic  [Debugging]
               - Outgoing: Allow only established connections
                       Allow ICMP traffic [Debugging]

        - eth0 gets it's info from a private DHCP server
        - eth1  manually configured:
        - Default Routes for both eth0 and eth1 are set correctly

          - Everything works 'most' of the time. However at random
times (minutes, hours), I am unable to ping the public interface from
a client on the internet. TCPDUMP shows nothing ..., A Sniffer trace
on our Border Router shows the ECHO REQUEST coming in, but no
ECHO Reply from the server ???  And then ...  it starts working again
        - Changed the NIC  , cable and switch port  - Still problem

        - Setup Monitoring of public IP from workstation inside the
          firewall - OK  (never misses a ping) ?

Help - I'm pulling my hair out !


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