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Hi   This file didn't get installed by default any one tell me how to intall
a file .  How is it ?  look like its on the hard drive but not installed?
Thanks Fergus      Suse 5.3

1. strange kppp problems only with kppp in kde2


I upgraded from kde to kde2 and in the beginning still used my old
kppp (from the old kde) which worked as before.

Now that I installed the updated kppp for kde2 as well, there are some
funny problems I don't understand!
The problem with setuid or write permission for the lock file was only
a minor problem, but the real problem now is:

Agent running under wine now gives me an error: not enough memory to
initialize winsock... !?
I really can't see the reason for this recent error with the new kppp;
I have lots of free memory, and moreover, other internet applications
work o.k., like netscape, ftp etc. And still I can't get Agent to
connect any longer.

So I went back to my still fully functional kppp from the old kde1,
apart from using pure dip and chat scripts which I mostly used anyway
instead of tools like kppp.

Anyone else noticed this annoyance, and perhaps someone know the
reason and a good solution?


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