CMOS on an aptiva? Where?

CMOS on an aptiva? Where?

Post by Uch Du » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00


   I bought an IBM aptiva P60 some time ago and finally decided to
  install Linux. So I bought myself a large IDE drive. 1Gig.
  When I started my partitioning on the large IDE drive, I get error
  messages "Partition not falling on correct cylinder etc". So I looked
  in the red installation book and  saw that section on large IDE drive.

  Now, the problem is I don't know where to look for the CMOS of my
  machine. At boot time, I type in F1 to get the Configuration/setup
  menu...but nowhere does it mention cylinders, heads, sectors
  Does anyone know how/where these are stored ?
  (BTW, when I did an fdisk on the large IDE drive, it does tell me that
  the IDE drive has 2477 cylinders, 16heads and 63 sectors..)
  Thanks for any help.



1. Wrong CMOS settings, Win95 loaded, CMOS fixed, Linux won't boot

This is a weird one.  I'm posting just incase someone has an idea.  I
know it's very weird and the solution is to probably reload the
computer from scratch.

I'm helping someone new to load Linux.  (No good deed goes unpunished)

He has Win95 loaded.  I just discovered that he got a new HD 1.2GB.
The person who installed it new HD didn't tell CMOS.  My friend then
loaded Win95 without any problems!?  Autodetect?

I didn't know the CMOS values were wrong.  I tried loading UMS DOS
version.  Would not create a swap area.  Then I tried the Mini-Linux
trick of loading UMS DOS to my computer and then PKZIPPING here and
unzipping there.  This has worked for me in the past, no trouble.

But it won't mount the root file system (kernel panic).

It was at this point I discovered the CMOS settings were bad.  I
corrected them (he has an old non-EIDE BIOS...he thinks...Win95 seems
happy though).

I fixed the CMOS settings and tried again.  No luck.  Ran Linux FDISK
and it complains about /dev/hda1 not starting or ending on a cylinder
boundary (Win95 took the whole disk and did it wrong....figures)

I'm about to try a normal Linux load (run FIPS to repartition the disk
etc).  I'd like to remove Win95, but that doesn't appear to be an
option that my friend is ready for....drat.

I'll probably muddle through this problem before I get a reply.  MOSTLY
I'M CURIOUS - Does anyone have any ideas how this happened...does Win95
ignore the CMOS?  Does Linux FDISK in 1.2.8 report warnings properly,,

Does anyone out there have any ideas

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