Linuz RH5.2 Installation problems

Linuz RH5.2 Installation problems

Post by ghos » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have recently DL'd the redhat 5.2 version of Linux. I have read the
instructions for installation and chose to install from Hard Drive. I am
installing this on a 486 DX4100 with an Adaptec 1542 scsi controller and 2 2
GB drives. the first drive (hds1) is a dos drive. the second I have
partitioned using disk druid to a 54 MB Linux Swap and a 1.9 Gb Linux native
which is the root.

As per the installation instructions, I created a "redHat" directory on the
root of C:, I then copied the "Base" and "RPMS" directories into it.

My problem arises when I select "Install from hard drive" and then select
the hds1 device. The installation halts with a message indicating that it
cannot locate a redhat installation tree on the selected device.

Am I doing something wrong here? are the instructions wrong? what am I

Thanks in advance for any help.



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I have been screwing around for the past week trying to get a good
installation going of RH5.2 on my Pentium III/450. I keep getting disk
errors reported at boot time as if I had not shutdown properly previously.
The disk (a Quantum Fireball EX 6.2) has no errors and the machine dual
boots with Windows 98.

I swapped around the Win98 partion to the back and Linux to the front but
still no success. I tried 'linear' - no success. I tried forcing the actual
CHS i.e. 13328,15,63 no luck. Win98 runs quite happily. Kernel is 2.0.36.

Ocassionally the machine boots OK but I'll get errors such as segmentation
faults while running programs. It is a real shame I am getting all this as I
have installed 5.2 on another machine and after a lot of work the thing ran

Any ideas?


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