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FYo> Although they'd the same behavior as Matrox has currently, it means
FYo> that Matrox wants to sell a product on a free OS!

FYo<shrug>  You have to kind of expect it...  Sure, I don't like it, but if
FYothere's no money involved with things, what's the incentive for the
FYocompanies?  With hardware things, you buy (and probably get other people
FYoto buy) their hardware, fine.  But then you start with the software
FYo(Netscape <cough, cough>) ...

FYoYou have to remember... From a corporation's point of view, they want to
FYomake money.  You can't make money by giving things away for free...  <g>

FYoThen again, I find the people who put "don't edit this code or else!"
FYodisclaimers in their programs the most annoying...  If you give out the
FYosource code, expect it to be modified... as long as the other person
FYodoesn't claim credit, who cares?

FYo<g>  Don't mind me... I've been annoyed this morning by some silly
FYoprogrammers...  <sigh>

FYol8a! 8)

If I might interject,

   There is a commercial driver for the Millennium card but it costs $100.00.
I bought it in order to use my Ultima II card under X-Windows and it does
run fine.  According to my setup window it does support the Millennium
card in all its' flavors all the way up to 8mb.  The supplier, X-inside,

   Please note I am not endorsing the product, I only resorted to it when a
kind author sent me a reply from this group when I tried to set-up X-Windows.
It is ashame that Matrox did not make the code available so the Linux people
could write the drivers for the cards and include it for free with the
original distribution.  I mailed a note to Eric Johnson whose name appears
in many of the X-Windows README files.   He also co-authored several books
on Linux and X-Windows.  He did not have an answer as to why the code was not

   I would think that Matrox would want folks to be able to use their products
under X as it could create a bigger market for their product.  If one has
to have X-Windows compatibility and they do not want to buy a $100.00 add-on
driver, they might chose to purchase a competitor's video card.

                                        Best regards,
                                        Kurt Savegnago (the CMOS nemesis)

                                     Best regards,
                                     Kurt Savegnago (the CMOS nemesis)

Make sure your CMOS is user replaceable!

 * 1st 2.00 #6533 * You've got to have an ace in the hole.





Does Linux (slackware 2.2.xx) support the Matrox MGA millineum
(WRAM) videocard. If it does, could you send me the values I should
use in the XDBConfigfile.

When I ran Superprobe gave me the following values..

Chipset OAK OTI087.........

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.


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