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I need asssitance with the installation of XEmacs.

I am currently running Red Hat Linux 1.2.13 am when I installed (as
specified in the
README files) and tried to run XEmacs it complains about not being able
to find
'libncurses.so.5'.  I did a find in hope to locate this library with no

Can someone tell me where I can find this library.

Thanks in advance.

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1) Anyone have a reason why bringing up interface eth0 on startup is so
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obtain ip address on my home network.

2) More importantly, can anyone tell me why xemacs will not start up if my
network isn't running but emacs will? Seems kinda strange that xemacs will
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is edit a file.

Note: My current distribution is Redhat 7.1 running kde on my laptop.

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