Linux Newbie - RH 7 Password problem

Linux Newbie - RH 7 Password problem

Post by Garry Brow » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 03:30:05

I just installed the Red Hat Linux 7 system on my Toshiba Satellite 430CDT
computer. After some struggling I got the system installed but now every
time I try to assign a new user a password I get the following error:
Authentication token manipulation error. I used the default password
authentication method on install (shadow, etc.). Any easy fixes?

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1. RH XFree86 problems/questions = Linux newbie

I've had my Linux installed for about 3 days now and I am running into some confusing problems with XFree86.  I have resorted to reinstalling Linux to fix these things when they occur but I know there are config files that can be edited instead ... I'm just too new at this to know where all of those are yet, tho.

The first problem that keeps reoccurring is that if I configure for my video card S3 ViRGE/GX when I attempt to start X all I get are black and white thick vertical lines, a tell-tale sign of improper video setup.  The only way out is to reboot.  If I use the generic VGA settings, I get X to run, but with the obvious color and resolution limitations.  Is this a known problem with X and if so, is there a fix available for it?  When I ran X86config (whichever one is the interactive prompt-like configuration utilty), my S3 ViRGE/GX driver was one of the choices, so I assume that the version I have supports it.

Secondly, and possibly related to the first problem, last night, when I was playing around in X, I noticed that there were three window styles that can be used (I forget how they are labelled and I can't get in to view it now to refresh my memory).  I set the bottom one and I got a vertical row of large icons on the right edge of the screen and an x-term box.  So far so good.  However, when I clicked to bring up a context menu, the entire menu was just a large black box, like it was black text on a black background.  I did nothing to the color settings prior to this, it just came up that way by default.  I was able to exit X gracefully because I happened to remember the menu position of the exit command and selected it, even tho "flying bling".  But because the menus are black, I obviously cannot get the window style back to something readable .. the proverbial Catch-22 situation ... since I cannot remember what menu position the option is in.  This brings up two questions.  1) What file can I edit to get my menus back to something readable? and 2) Why would the default setting be something that ludicrous ie, black on black for the popup menus?

I'm sorry I cannot be more specific about the window setting names, but I did not take the time to memorize them, never imagining that I would be confronted with black on black menus.

Thank you in advance,

Richard W. Bates

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