LILO: lilo hangs after LI... Please help!

LILO: lilo hangs after LI... Please help!

Post by Ruediger Schmi » Sun, 11 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I installed an older version (slackware 2.1.0) on my pc at home.
sda1 is a dos partition, sda2 linux boot partition with lilo on the
mbr. When I boot, lilo hangs after displaying LI ...
Booting from floppy is no problem, all scsi devices are properly
Motherboard is an ASUSTek P/I-P55TP4XE with NCR 53C810 PCI Fast
SCSI-2 controller.
The same linux system (the one I'm working with right now) on an
IDE hdd - no problem. I wonder if this is a hardware problem.?.

Thank you.

Rudy Schmidt


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    I just put RH5.0 on my box, which is a P75 w/40Mb RAM, 1 - 520 Mb hd and
1 - 5.1 Gb hd.  I go through the installation great, then when I go to
reboot I get only the "LI"  Any ideas how I can fix this?  I am putting the
RH on the 5.1 Gb hd using its own series of partitions I made just for

    Is it only completing the first stage of a two stage process?  I really,
really need help, as I tried to install RH 4.2 sometime back and got the
same error. Help please!  Thank you...

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