setup ESS688

setup ESS688

Post by Franck Mesnie » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have a little problem with my sound card ESS688 and redhat 6.0, indeed  the
former is not recognized by sndconfig and when I try to set it myself with
addresses, irq dma correct, I do not hear the example in sndconfig.

While nevertheless the reader of cd audio work ok.

What did I miss in the config ?


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I have an ESS688 soundcard which is supposed to be soundblaster pro
compatible.  I've tried editting my sbpcd.h file to set it as a true
soundblaster card... but that doesn't work.  Is there any way to get it
to work as a sound card rather than just an i/o card for the cdrom drive
or as a cd-player?

Please e-mail me directly.


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