Version of NTeX

Version of NTeX

Post by Howard Che » Mon, 10 Jun 1996 04:00:00

How do I know which version of NTeX I have?  When I run latex, tex, etc,
I only get the version of the latex, tex, etc programs that I am running.
I can't find the NTeX version anywhere.  I am using Slackware 3.0 from
the Apr 30 infomagic distribution.




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1. NTeX under Linux---dvips segfaults, & ghostview not using right fonts


I just installed NTeX, from the Slackware Aug. 96 CDROM distribution
of Linux.

Latex seems to work fine.
dvips segfaults immediately. Without any options or input
it is supposed to print the list of command line options,
it segfaults in this case too.

Also, xdvi does not seem to handle overlays properly, and
ghostview does not seem to display the right fonts--the fonts
displayed are much smaller than should actually be.

Any help/insights would be very much appreciated.


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