Newbie needs help installing Slackware 3.4

Newbie needs help installing Slackware 3.4

Post by Edward Christopher Ker » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

My computer:
IBM PS/2 56 486SLC2 50Mhz
Microchannel Bus
IBM SCSI on-board adapter - Conner 212 MB SCSI HDD
8 MB's RAM (Two 4 meg simms)

I managed to install debain 1.3, but I really want to get slackware 3.4
on it.  I d/l'd the bootdisk "ibmmca.s" and the rootdisk "color.gz".  I
also d/l'd the A, AP, and N series of disks.  I boot off the image of
"ibmmca.s" and it seems to be working ok but it does not detect my hdd.
It asks for the root disk, which I give it, but then it just tells me
that I need to have a linux partition to continue with setup.  The thing
is, due to debian, i DO have a linux partition, just it can't find the
physical drive.  When I loaded debian I had to use the boot prompt
command "linux ibmmcascsi=7" to make it load, but when I tried that with
slackware it didn't like it.  I'm thinking that I should get the dev
file for my drive out of it and put it in the root disk image, then I
can mount it, but I don't know how to get into the image from
windoze95.  (It is a gz file that contains no distinguishable files)

Edward Christopher Kern

ICQ# 9984441


1. Newbie needs help with Slackware 3.4 and NEC SCSI drive

: Things I've Done/Accomplished:
: 1. Formatted & Defragged HD
: 2. Installed Disk Mgr
: 3. Installed Dos62
: 4. Ran FIPS (Dos size 600MB, Linux 1GB)
: 5. Booted w/Linux Boot Disk  (pas16.s)
: 6. Set up 16 MB swap partition
: 7. Set up Remainder as Linux
: 8. Formatted Linux partition
: 9. Configured Swap Partition (mkswap and swapon)
: 10. Selected only Linux partition as target
: 11. Selected CD as Target

Do *not* select CD as both source and destination.

: 12. Selected CD as source
:       Tried SCSI/pas option and SCSI option - failed to detect drive
: 13. did research
: 14. Used a variety of permutations with the following as variables:
:               a. ports (0x0140, 0x340)
:       b. IRQs (10, 7, 255)
:       c. bootdisks (pas16.s, scsinet.s)
:       d. "max_scsi_luns=1"  (also tried 0)
:       e. cd type in install prgm (scan for drive, scsi, pas)


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