XF86Setup and different virtual terminal

XF86Setup and different virtual terminal

Post by Roy Stogn » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>I have installed Redhat 5.2 on my system, LILO booting between Linux
>and Win95 and everything works fine.  XF86Setup is a different story.
>I run XF86Setup and after several minutes all I have is a Gray
>Screen, if hit the tab key tabwidth vertical bars tab across the

It sounds like XF86Setup is there but having problems.  What kind of
video card do you have?  Have you tried Xconfigurator instead?

Quote:>I can hit the ctrl-alt-bksp and the system returns me to the
>prompt and there is a message on the display stating that This
>program is running on a different virtual terminal.

Not anymore it's not - you just killed it, and it didn't delete that
message.  The message was correct up until you killed X, though. ;-)
Roy Stogner

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I want to setup an X server on my notebook (first X setup for me). When I
configure with xf86config, the screen goes blank when I start X, with
CTRL_ALT_BS it shuts down, and restores display. Switching between
LCD->LCD/CRT->CRT->LCD won't help When I try to set it up using XF86Setup,
the screen goes blank after the 'Switching to graphics mode, this may take
a while' msg. When I shutdown with CTRL_ALT_BS, the display is restored,
and it says 'This program is running on a differen virtual terminal. Please
switch to the correct virtual terminal'. Does anyone know how I can switch
to/select the right terminal?

TIA, Randall

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