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Here is my problem....

I'm trying to make a bootable CD of linux Redhat 6.0 installation
I know it could work but the problem is  
1st.... i don't know which program on linux could help me to do it and
where find it...
2nd..... I'm a new linux user so here is probably the real problem ;)
then i tried to make this bootable disk with Neroburning on windows'98
that allow me to copy on a iso9660 format and allow more than 8.3
caracters. When i tried the copy, the boot CD work but when linux ask
for the CD he couldn't reconize it... There's the reason... I don't
know why but all filename change lowercase to uppercase and all "-"
caracters change for "_". According to Neroburning, looks like fat32
change the filename but you can't see it just in looking at the file,
you must copy the file and then you'll see.

The only way i found, and i'm not sure that is gonna work, it's to
copy the file in the same fat16 directory then you'll see the same
filename in uppercase (ex: Ls-lr.gz -----> copy of LS-LR.GZ). Then cut
the file to an other directory (for the new copy) and then change the
name for the good one.....Damn.... is there someone who have a better
idea that this one???? hehe.. i hope!!!

PS... Excuse my english, i'm french....


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Okay.  Here is my problem.  I am new to FreeBSD.  I got 2.2.6, I
believe.  I installed it, set up my com ports and everything.  In
Windows/MS-DOS, I got my first external com port on 0x3f8(COM 1) and my
second external com port on 0x2e8(COM 4) and my modem is on COM
2(0x3e8).  My modem is a PnP USR 56K V.90 Internal Modem,  In DOS, 0x3f8
is on IRQ 4 and 0x2f8 and 0x2e8 is on IRQ 3.  
    When I installed BSD, I configured my COM 1 as 0x3f8 and IRQ 4, my
COM 2 as 0x3e8 and IRQ 3, and COM 4 is set on on 0x2e8 and IRQ 11(I
don't want it on IRQ 3 in BSD).  My BIOS has my external com ports set
to 0x3f8 and 0x2e8.  Now, when I boot up, it recognizes my first com
port, but not the second or fourth one.

    Does anyone know how I can get FreeBSD to recognize COM 2(Especially
this since my modem is on it) and COM 4?  Do I have to change something
with my BIOS?  I honestly think I tried everything in my BIOS and
nothing worked.  Also, do I need to configure something so COM 4 is IRQ
11?  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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