problem with pnp modem (caldera)

problem with pnp modem (caldera)

Post by Zbigniew Gasiore » Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:51:00

Caldera Open Linux 2.4 - works great.
Except the modem
Looks like I have 2 pnp cards (working fine under NT & w2k).
MOT1560 (see below) is Motorola 28.8 modem; another is sb16 pnp (temp. not
in use under linux until other things work). 2 com ports are ok and
setserial shows settings right (as in mainboard setup and as they should
be). Modem should use 2e8/int5 but setserial shows int 4 & uart unknown.
when system boots the pnp section is "skipped" (could i enable it? how?)
I did pnpdump, uncommented what seemed right (2e8/int5) and run isapnp -
results as below: it says 2e8 is in use. I don't have /etc/isapnp.conf,
/etc/isapnp.gone files, or any idea how anything could use 2e8... for more
fun: Settings|COAS|System|Resources window does not open...
I'm totally green in linux. Pls help! ZbG

---- isapnp results:

Board 1 has Identity cb 00 63 b0 9a 60 15 f4 35:  MOT1560 Serial No 6533274
[checksum cb]
Board 2 has Identity cd 00 04 79 fb 24 00 8c 0e:  CTL0024 Serial No 293371
[checksum cd]
pnpdef:93 -- Fatal - resource conflict allocating 8 bytes of  IO at 2E8 (see
pnpdef:93 -- Fatal - Error occurred executing request '<IORESCHECK> ' ---
further action aborted

---- pspdef (pnpdump result - after my edits - only uncommented lines
shown - there's nothing else to think about using 2e8):
(READPORT 0x0203)
(CONFIGURE MOT1560/6533274 (LD 0
 (IO 0 (SIZE 8) (BASE 0x02e8) (CHECK))
 (INT 0 (IRQ 5 (MODE +E)))
 (NAME "MOT1560/6533274[0]{Motorola 28.8 Internal}")
 (ACT Y)
(CONFIGURE CTL0024/293371 (LD 0
 (NAME "CTL0024/293371[0]{Audio               }")
(CONFIGURE CTL0024/293371 (LD 1
 (NAME "CTL0024/293371[1]{IDE                 }")
(CONFIGURE CTL0024/293371 (LD 2
 (NAME "CTL0024/293371[2]{Reserved            }")
(CONFIGURE CTL0024/293371 (LD 3
 (NAME "CTL0024/293371[3]{Game                }")