IDE with >1024 cyl and Dynamic Drive Config?

IDE with >1024 cyl and Dynamic Drive Config?

Post by Carlo Ner » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 18:01:41

I've just installed a 540 Mb HD (Western Digital), with a Dynamic Drive
Configuration (DDC) supplied by Western Digital with the Ontrack software.
This device, under MSDOS, is an extension of the BIOS and allow MSDOS to view
fully HD up to 8Gb. Moreover, it increase a lot the HD performances,
especially under Windows. I would like to install Linux over this HD
mantaining  DDC, but I need a similar DDC under Linux. The Ontrack says that a
similar BIOS extension should be available in the future for other OS.
So, my question is: exists any DDC BIOS extension for Linux?
Thanks a lot,

1. LILO and IDE drive > 1024 cyls

I've installed Linux on an IBM ValuePoint 486-100 which has a 540MB
IDE drive.  It boots fine from diskette, but when I boot from the
hard drive LILO just reports "LI", indicating a geometry problem
(more than 1024 cylinders).

Fdisk reports that my /dev/hda has 16 heads, 63 sectors, and 1049
cylinders.  I partitioned it so the /dev/hda1 Linux native partition
is the first 930 cylinders and the /dev/hda2 swap partition is the
remaining 119 cylinders.

What changes are needed to the lilo.conf (and fstab?) files created
by my Red Hat 5.2 installation?

  Alan in San Jose


 Sysop, PC-TIE BBS, San Jose, CA

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