linux > 8.4 gb's of 10 gb disk?

linux > 8.4 gb's of 10 gb disk?

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is this possible?

on a 486, partition it with FAT16 in lower 8.4 gb's,
with 2.1 gb partitions, 4 partitions, using
win95a (before OSR2).  already have MSDOS 6.22, Win 3.1,
MSDOS 7.00 and Win95a running in primary partition on old drive
although rarely use MSDOS 6.22, let alone Win 3.1.
will format new 10 gb drive with format from MSDOS 6.22
to avoid any problems, so there is backwards compatibility
to all known operating systems.  (believe it or not, one
stat test from SPSS [exact test] will only run properly in Win 3.1
so need to have flexibility for these strange anomalies)

then add linux after the 8.4 gb boundary?
will linux be able to read the win95 files in the previous
2.1 gb partitions of the 8.4 gb section?

don't see why not.
may need partition magic 3 which can handle 8.4 gb
but does not go beyond 8.4 gb so not sure if can
make a linux partition in the 8.4 to 10 gb range.

ibm tech said no problem with their deskstar 10 gb drive.

but thought i would ask here.




1. problem with >8.4 GB disk


I have trouble installing 2.4 on a Maxtor disk. Here is the relavant
part from boot up:

wd1  at wdc0 drive 1: <Maxtor 9130306>
wd1: 12427 MB, 16383 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sec, 25450992 total
wd1: using 16-sector 16-bit pio transfers, lba addressing (512KB cache)

(I hope I copied correctly).

So the problem. Although both the label on the disk and OpenBSD reports
that the disk has 16383 sectors, Linux reports 25249 which seems more
sensible. The installation goes fine, but at the end it cannot install
the boot sector. The disk was fdisked in Linux and I defined 112 heads
and 3607 cylinders (so there more space under the 1024 cyl limit). There
are three primary partitions:

1       1-340 for FreeBSD
2       341-680 for Linux
3       681-1023 for OpenBSD
4       1024-3607 Extended

There (now) is a linux on the wd0 drive, and I would like to use lilo to
boot the OS-es on the second disk. Linux (on teh second disk) boots
fine, but there is no valid "boot signature" or what for OpenBSD. If I
reinstall OpenBSD, the boot creation fails. I tried to do it by hand by

/usr/mdec/installboot -h 112 -s 63 -b boot biosboot wd1

then I get the message "cross-device install" and that's it.

As I know OpenBSD supports > 8.4 GB disks. In this case what happens
with mine? Is there any place with more info in it? This is not the 4 GB
installbug since the primary partitions are around 1.2 GB.

Thanks for your time, Vilmos Soti

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