linux as a client on Windows NT domain?

linux as a client on Windows NT domain?

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I am currently using Win 98 as a client on a Windows NT domain, but it
is very unreliable.  Is it possible to use Linux as a client on a
Windows NT domain, and is there any documentation available that
explains how this is done?

I would also like to:

* access my email that I normally pick up with MS Outlook on Win 98.
* access data in MS Access and MS Sql 7.0 databases that reside on
Windows Machines on the NT domain.

Is there any documentation that explains how to do this also?

I will only reply to the newsgroup.

Thanks is advance,
Christopher Snow

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Hi ...

I'm using a RedHat 5.1 machine running pppd as a dial up server for remote
Windows clients at my company.  The clients connect with no problem and can
do all TCP/IP networking applications including telnet,ftp and web browsing.
The Linux ppp server machine sits on the same network with the NT Primary
Domain Controller.  The problem I'm having is that the client cannot see the
"network neighborhood".  I configured the client to log on to network and I
set the domain correctly.  Is there some other protocol that I need to run
on the linux ppp server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

... Mike

... Mike

Michael Pemrich
PC Support Specialist
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University


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