Post by John Wesley Pruit » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi, I run the new Susse Linux 6.0
I was playing lincity just fine in the 5.3.2 version.
But when I updated it moved to KDE. and now
when I want to play lincity the screen goes bad
and I have to do alt-cntrl-del once to reboot.




1. Lincity

I'm not a big game player (I think I've bought 1
game my entire life and downloaded 0), but I ran
this little exec called Lincity. I wouldn't really
compare it to Simcity though the object of the game
is similar. But for a FREE game that loads with the
OS, I think it is fantastic and the authors deserve
praise for the effort. The only bad part about it is
that I'm somewhat addicted to it and am wearing out
my mouse by clicking on all those roads and railroads and
towns. What a blast for a time killer!

2. DG/AX Problem

3. Anyone tried compiling LinCity?

4. Sorry typo: Did some build ghostscript (wirh working laserjet drivers?)