internet sharing

internet sharing

Post by fail00 » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a machine that is running redhat 5.2, which I also use to connect to
the internet.
I also have another machine that has win98 on it.
I have been using win 98 machine to connect the internet....but now I would
like to use my linux machine to connect to the internet and also share the
connection on my win98 machine....
Now can anyone tell me what things i need to change in my linux box and what
things I need to change in my win98 that I can surf the net on both
machines at the same time.

On my win 98 machine I am using internet explorer and whenever I start the
it automatically starts dialling the how can change this, so that
it connects to the internet through my linux box....
thanks allot...


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Scott Tribble enlightened us with:

Google for 'samba' (file & printer sharing) and 'iptables' (firewall &
connection sharing). Also make sure you visit

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If you have to use Outlook, fix it:


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