Booting Multiple Operating Systems

Booting Multiple Operating Systems

Post by Hal Arthu » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I would like to boot the following operating systems on my machine;

WindowsNT 4.0
SCO OpenServer

Can anyone tell me the procedure, tips or tricks to achieve this?

 Hal Arthurs


1. Multiple Operating Systems w/ Boot Manager (OS/2 2.1) [partition NIGHTMARE]

: I seem to be in a bit of a dilemma.

: I have 3 drives: hd #1 - 125 meg partitioned in 1 drive as C:
:                hd #2 - 340 meg partitioned in 1 drive as d:
:                hd #3 - 1600 meg partitioned in 1 drive (510 meg) as e:
:                       *1100 some megabytes totally free
:                       *this drive is on the second eide channel

: I recently purchased a 1.6 gig for my computer (greaty overdue). Now,
: with all this extra disk space, I can install some new operating systems.
: Big problem. How do operating systems handle booting when there are
: several of them? Now I have some choices.. uh.. make that like one
: choice: OS/2 Boot Manager from v2.1.

: I intend to install Linux, OS/2 v2.1 and Windows 95 upon my system which
: already has Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.1. Now, using Boot Manager, is it
: possible to load all 4 different configurations?

: Perhaps you may have a similiar configuration. I would greatly appreciate
: any and all insight that you can provide for me, because I don't feel
: like jumping head-first into murky waters. Thank you in advance.

: .. sorry if I overly cross-posted, I tried to keep it to just a few
: newsgroups.

: -me

  It is not a big deal using OS/2's boot manager to boot DOS/Windoze
operating systems--I have no idea about Win 95.  As far as Linux, there
may be some problems with a disk on the second IDE interface, but I use
OS/2 to select Linux on a separate partition where LILO lies in wait.
There is a LILO faq and some other docs on LILO that come with (at least
Slackware) distributions.  They are also at sunsite and its mirrors.
Get them, read them, understand them.  It will help a lot.

Joe Fischer                                          Galena, Ohio, USA
  WB8TDO                                               (central Ohio)

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