UMSDOS Configured bootdisk problem.

UMSDOS Configured bootdisk problem.

Post by David Heron-Maxwel » Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I'm trying to install Linux using SCSINET2 bootdisk (for Always
IN2000 SCSI Host Adapter) and UMSDOS.gz rootdisk on a 486DX33.

Everything goes fine with installing the differtent disk series, but when
it comes to configure the new system by creating a new bootdisk (on a blank
DOS formated disk) it gives me error messages when I try creating one
with LILO aswell (unfortunately the messages disappear to quickly to read) but
I intend to use LOADLIN anyway, and when I try just a simple bootdisk it seems
to do it very quickly and when I reboot it says "Loading........" and hangs
when it gets to the second line. The vmlinuz file was under 70kb which seems
a bit small (ok so I only installed a & ap as it was the fourth attempt)
What am I doing wrong?

any help much appreciated,


David Heron-Maxwell

DK-4000 Roskilde                   tel: +45 46 77 57 79
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1. UMSDOS bootdisk help

I used UMSDOS to install Linux.  I have a Micron P90 with a Conner 850
Hard drive (CFA850A).  To load the ramdisk, I had to specify the correct
number of cylinders, etc. using the ramdisk command with 'hd'.  If I did
not use the command, the boot disk thought that I had twice as many
cylinders and sectors than I actually had.

Now comes the problem,  After I finished installing, I created my boot
disk.  But there was no place to add "extra parameters" to the kernel
(like ramdisk hd=etc) as there is in the color144 boot disk.

Is this a deficiency in the version of UMSDOS that I have or am I doing
something wrong (probably the latter :)).

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Danny Julian

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