Microsoft Natural Keyboard problem

Microsoft Natural Keyboard problem

Post by T.P Har » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

In /etc/X11/XF86Config I use XkbModel "microsoft", comment out XkbSymbols
"US(pc101)" and I can then enter values in the windows in gimp and xv (without
doing the above I cannot). But I then lose LeftAlt and RightAlt as being meta
keys (which I cannot do without due to RSI!).

Also, no matter what permutation of the above I do, I cannot get
ctrl-alt-numeric +/- to cycle through modelines!

I guess I am asking how do I correctly configure a Microsoft natural keyboard?

Anyone out there successfully configured a natural keyboard?



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I have Microsoft Intelligent Mouse(PS/2) and Microsoft Natural
Keyboard(PS/2). There are two PS/2 port on my ASUS P3B Motherboard. However,
I found that the two hardwares would be conflicted with each other and this
could lock up my linux system.
Does anyone know if I cannot use the two hardwares with same
interface(PS/2). There is no problem when I use mouse with com port.

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