Help. XFree86 and Mach64

Help. XFree86 and Mach64

Post by Ban Keong Y » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

        I install Slackware 3.0 and XFree86 3.1.2 from the Infomagic's
Linux Developer's Resource(Nov. 95).  I can only get my ATI Graphics
Xpression working in 640x480 8bpp.  How can I get my video card to work
in higher resolution?  Pressing Ctrl-Alt-'+' has no effects.
        I have check the, and I find some articles about
Mach64, but none of them show me how to get the Mach64 running in
higher resolution.  Do I need to compile the whole X server?  or get
the Mach64 drivers will do.
        Thanks in advance.


1. HELP HELP mach64 and XFree86 stoped working

Major annonance time.  My work machine has both Linux and windoze 95
installed on it.  I use Linux to verify my programs (CGIs) before
installing and windoze... because I'm lazy, I like Eudora and can get
pretty much every thing I want done.

So lately, I haven't been using Linux (I know how to write my code for
the target machin) but last night I switch back to try NEdit.  

Horrors!  X no longer works!  My monitor "shutsdown"  (blank screen
and the led flashes (this is what it does in powersaving mode or when
it's turned on but not the computer or if it's unpluged)) .

What have I changed since it last worked?  A motherboard/CPU upgrade.
Why would this break my configuration?

I played with the config, downloaded XFree86 3.2, played with the
config some more but to no avail.  I looked long and hard at
/etc/XF86Config and everything seems to be correct.  -probeonly
returns what I would expect.  I cross checked with my monitor's user
manual.  Visually verified ramdac and clock chip.  All is in order.

But :
doom no longer works (but runs OK, I can hear the monsters getting
toasted in the demo -:)
abuse neither.

Config :
ATI Mach64 (Graphics Xpression, PCI) 2mb
Samsung 14G
MB : dtk PAM-00561 Pentium 133 w/ 32megs
Kernel 2.0.x (can't remember exactly, 9 maybe)

Will slot swaping help?
Will a different kernel help?
Different monitor (I'm thinking of geting a 17" anyway)??
Changing mother boards isn't really an option.
ATI cards seem to be very problem prone.  Should I switch to something
else.  I'd upgrade to 4mb at the same time, so if this guaranties a
solution, I would definately give it thought.

Worse :
This morning, LILO stoped working!  It dies on the I...

Any and all help very much apreciated.  E-mail might be best, because
this is probably some silly error, not worth usenet bandwidth.


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