Trouble with PCMCIA modem on Gateway 9100

Trouble with PCMCIA modem on Gateway 9100

Post by zo » Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Anyone know how to get the module to configure this modem? I got it to
recognize it but the configuration always fails (high beep then low beep).
The HOWTO only mentions something cryptic about widening the possible memory
blocks in a configuration file - but when I tried that it made my system
unbootable. Please Help! :) thanks.

1. GateWay Solo 9100 (233mmx) PCMCIA Oddity!

My new P233 GW Solo 9100 Laptop seems to have taken to
Linux with few problems. XFree is fine, and the PCMCIA
devices work well - cant complain much.

The only limitation is the inability to get sound working.
Its a Yamaha Chipset (windows Sound System compatible) which
requires a warm boot from DOS after setup in Windows95 to
get it alive and kicking in Linux (2.0.30). A cold boot to
Linux gets a:

  sb: Interrupt test on IRQ 5 failed - device disabled.

Fair enuf.
So I leave it alone and install PCMCIA to use the Telepath
modem and 3com-3C589D net card. This works very well:

  Linux PCMCIA Card Services 2.9.11
    Kernel build: 2.0.30 #1 Fri Oct 17 22:54:30 GMT 1997
  Intel PCIC probe:
    Cirrus PD6832 CardBus at 0x3e0 ofs 0x00, mem 0x68000000, 2 sockets
      host opts:  [ring] [0/7/4] [3/17/4]
      irq list (default) = 3,4,5,7,9,10,11 status change on irq 11

I can do dialout and networking - indeed, Im masquerading my
desktop  through my 9100 now to type this.....

Back to the sound card .. cold boot failure, so warm boot
..... lockup .... just when rc.pcmcia is started. It locks

  Starting PCMCIA services: modules cardmgr.

Full system lockup. So I comment out loading of pcmcia services
at startup and the machine warm boots fine. Detecting the sound
card. I make pcmcia startup ignore IRQ 5 - but this doesnt help.
All ioports are excluded appropriately. Basically rc.pcmcia
start cant be done if the soundcard is working!

Anyone got a clue.


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