Linux won't see DOS partition?

Linux won't see DOS partition?

Post by Jason Wa » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I've successfully installed Linux 1.2.3 on two Compaq 486 systems with a
Seagate 545 and a Quantum 340, both ide.  I am now trying to install Linux on
a Micron 486 with a Connor 420 ide.  When I boot using the boot and root
floppies, Linux will see the hard drive, but does not see the DOS 6.22
partition during the partition check.  Linux's fdisk also sees the hard drive,
but does not see the DOS 6.22 partition.  The DOS partition is only 200MB, so
there is plenty of room.
What gives?
Thanks, Jason
Jason Watt
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1. dos won't recognize my extended dos partition

  I'm getting a trouble in my comp.  Any help is welcome.
  I have a HD with a dos primary partition (+- 1100megs ), a dos
extended partition with 170 megs ) and 500megs for ext2 and linux
  My problem - windows or dos simply can't read from the extended dos
partition.  I don't remeber why, but the extended  partition is on
/dev/hda6, so i guess that is the problem because Partition Magic give
an error telling that when the dos partitions are not chained by order
some data could be inaccessible.  Also, the dos fdisk doesn't work,
and i can't mount the partition from linux ( it always gives errors ).

  Is there any chance to recover the data in that partition ?  Does
anyone know any program to link the partitions by my desired order, or
some other soluction?

  Thank you very much!
  mezzanine - Portugal

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