where to find koffice.h

where to find koffice.h

Post by Rainer Schme » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00


Is somebody out there who can help me getting koffice started!
When compiling koffice the file koffice.h is needed. But I couldn't find it on my sytem and in the Internet neither.
So I hope you know, where I can find it!

Good buy! Rainer

P.S.: Please excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker!


1. Compiling koffice - can't find koView.h

I've just installed KDE2.1 from source - looks great, and works well.
I decided to try the latest snapshot of koffice (20010226).
Unfortunately, compilation stops at the following point:

In file included from TabBar.cc:35:
../../killustrator/koffice/KIllustrator_view.h:30: koView.h: No such
file or directory

I had a root around, and found koView.h in my old KDE2.0
installation, byt since that was installed from source I don't know
which package it belongs to.

Anyone know whether the problem is due to incompatibilities between
KDE2.1 and koffice, or whether I should install any more packages?

University of Cambridge, Zoology Department, Downing Street, CAMBRIDGE CB2 3EJ

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