Problem with mgetty and USRobotics modems.

Problem with mgetty and USRobotics modems.

Post by Carl Wyl » Wed, 03 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have a strange problem when I was trying to set up my work machine and
home machine to talk. Eg work machine was server, home machine dial in

I can have a co-worker dial my phone (with minicom) from inside the
office, the modem answers, connects, I get a login and password prompt
fine. I then can do work.

However; if I dial in from home (using minicom), I get a login prompt and
can then type about 3-5 characters before it stops accepting characters.
and finally the line times out and hangs up the phone.

When I look at the log on my work machine. I get a:

        ##### .... Signal 1 ...

message in the log file for mgetty just after it sees the login name.

Like it dropped the CD line...

This is the stangest thing I have seen.

Both machines are pentium II 233, with slakware linux 2.0.30, and
mgetty+sendfax1.0.0, and USRobotics 33.6 faxmodem(work) and USRobotics
33.6 X2 56 modem at home.

Anybody seen this sort of problem?


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