Old db--'Data Manager PC'?

Old db--'Data Manager PC'?

Post by Christopher Gu » Thu, 06 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Oh boy.  I just inherited a bag full of DOS disks with data on
them in the format of a program called 'Data Manager PC.'  My
guess is that it's an old flat-file database of some sort.  The program
appears to be lost, but I hear (about third-hand) that the person who
did the data entry got Data Manager PC 'for about $30 at Sears.'
Quite some time ago....

Now, this isn't a life or death situation.  (We'll, actually it *is*:
this is some geneological stuff in which I have mild interest, so
life and death is definitely there.  But no one's life or death *hinges*
on whether I can read it, if you know what I mean.)  But I thought
I'd ask if anyone knows about 'Data Manager PC,' whether it has
a current incarnation, whether it's a known format that can be
read by other db systems, etc.

No reason I can't search remainder bins and the like, but I thought
I'd inquire first.  Appreciate any help people can provide.

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