Installing Paradox with Win3.0

Installing Paradox with Win3.0

Post by Ross Fras » Thu, 06 Feb 1992 00:30:26

I am attempting to install Paradox 3.5 as a non-windows application using
Windows 3.0 on a 386SX clone, and have been unsuccesful to date. I have it
setup with a .pif file, and when I try to run it from an icon in Windows, I get
the Windows error message "You are attempting to run a protected mode
application in 386 enhanced mode. Use win /r or win /s." Windows then moves the
Paradox icon to the bottom on the screen, and if I maximize the icon, I do in
fact execute Paradox. What gives?

I want to use 386 enhanced mode, and Paradox is configured for Real mode, using
the Custom script.

Am I attempting the impossible? If anyone has successfully run Paradox under
windows, please drop me an email. I can provide copies of my setup files,
if needed.

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