Informix VSG Error.

Informix VSG Error.

Post by M » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 00:46:51

When I try to create views using the Informix VSG, I get the error:


Can somebody give me more info on this or point me in the right direction?



1. INFORMIX ODBC error , [State=S1000][Error=-406][INTERSOLV][ODBC Informix driver][Informix]Unable

Error Performing Query

?[State=S1000][Error=-406][INTERSOLV][ODBC Informix driver][Informix]Unable
to load locale categories

I get this error , when i try to run a IDC script , that try's to fetch
some records out of a Informix DB.
If i lookup the informix-error , it says i don't have memory enough ...

I have IIS 3.0 installed on a NT SERVER 4.0 , and have tried OLD 2.11 and
NEW 3.11 ODBC drivers . Also with the old ODBC-administrator (2.0 ) and the
NEW (3.0) administrator .

And strangely the ODBC does work when I use other programs that use ODBC .

I think the problem is the 'transator'-setting ... . When i try to select
the 'OEM to ANSI' translator of interserv . It says , i don't have memory
enough , but i have 64 MB RAM and 64 SWAP, and don't run anything , but IIS

If you had the same problem , or think you could give me some advice , i
would be glad if you mail me back ...

hoping to hear from you

Filip Wtterwulghe

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