VFP 3.0b and "large" databases

VFP 3.0b and "large" databases

Post by Chris Johns » Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm talking about DBCs... not DBFs.

Anyone else had a problem with VFP's builders absolutely crapping out on large
DBCs?  I'm building an app and at the current time I have somewhere around 25
tables with 32 or so local views.  I plan on upsizing to SQL Server soon (more
on that later)  but I've noticed that lately, a couple of the builders have
stopped working.

The builders that have died are the grid builder (which is _VERY_ nice, since
there's a lot of properties to a grid) and the combo-box builder (yeah, I
know.. but I was showing a fellow developer how to change the type from a
combo box to a drop-down list.. imagine my surprise when the builder puked out
on me.)

The errors that are appearing relate to failure to locate objects in the DBC.  
Primarily remote views.  I've rebuilt the DBC and all the DBFs (by hand, not
using GenDBC because GenDBC can't compile the resulting .prg.. it's over 128K
of code!) and that doesn't matter.  So, it's not corruption.  Gee. Builder
limitations??  I've passed this to M$ and their reply was "uhh. okay. so there
appear to be limits on database sizes."  UUGH!

Next fun item: upsizing.  Error calling remotizeviews.  Can't upsize.  M$
can't figure this one out either.

Someone help before I find myself programming with Delphi!