MDAC 2.5 not installing DAO 3.6?

MDAC 2.5 not installing DAO 3.6?

Post by greg » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi folks,

On our NT machines, we've found that the MDAC 2.5 RTM release isn't
installing DAO360.dll, even though the manifest shows that it should be. All
the other files SEEM to be installed, but not DAO360.dll.

Copying DAO360.dll from a Win2000 machine and then registering it works, but
this won't be a solution for our customers. They need the simple-and-clean
MDAC installer.

Has anyone else run into this?

Greg Salter


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When I have a completely blank recordset and try adding a new record by
assigning an id number to a databound textbox using the following code from
a lostfocus event on a combobox :-

If Me.CompanyName.Text <> "" Then
    Me.txt(14).Text = Me.CompanyName.ItemData(Me.CompanyName.ListIndex)
End If

I then try and save the record and it always comes up with the runtime error
3426 - This action was cancelled by an associated object. It only happens on
the VERY first new record of a recordset and not on any after the first has
been added!

But if I overtype the databound textfield with the identical number that the
code assigned to it doesn't generate the error!

My application also throws up the runtime error 3426 quite frequently in
other areas. Why does it do it and how can I sort it? I know one reason is
if you enter more characters than the allowed field length in a field it
comes up with the error!

My program will be complete once I've sorted this problem!


Thanks in advance


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