DBASE IV error codes listing

DBASE IV error codes listing

Post by Adrie van Hoogstrat » Wed, 14 Oct 1992 17:55:44

Does anyone on the net have an error code listing of DBASE IV. Or does anyone
know where I can ftp one from? I keep getting the internal system error 1530
message whenever I try to change to the report of forms generator.

Thanks very much.

Adrie van Hoogstraten


1. How to convert FoxPro 6.0 to DBASE IV and DBASE IV to MSSQL

Hi out there,

I'm new to FoxPro.
I have to migrate abourt 150 FaxPro 6.0 *.dbf tables to MSSQL 8.00

I think, I have to do that in 2 steps:
1 - Convert FoxPro *.dbf to DBASE IV
2 - Import DBASE IV into MSSQL 8.00

I want to do that in a script.

But, I don't know the commands and if this is the right way to do that.

Any suggestions, examples would be great!!

With kind regards,


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