PicLan-IP v Release Announcement

PicLan-IP v Release Announcement

Post by Doug Dumit » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00

                PicLan-IP Version
                   Release Announcement

May 17, 1998

PicLan-IP version has just been released for the
following platforms:

  o AP/Pro
  o Mentor PRO
  o Sequoia PRO
  o D3/NT
  o mv*Base
  o Universe/NT

  o Pick/64+ is not included in this release due to a last-
    minute bug.

This release includes the following major new features:

  o A new multi-page application developement environment
    that allows you to develop web interface applications
    using top-down mv/BASIC(1) with transparent support for
  o The SMTP/POP3 mail server is now production.
  o Numerous other fixes and extensions.

Full product documentation, downloadable software, and
information about evaluation copies are available at:


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(1) mv/BASIC refers to the standard Pick/BASIC, Data/BASIC,
    UV/BASIC, etc. programming language included with
    MultiValue hosts.

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         Developing Multi-Page Web Applications

PicLan-IP has always included a MultiValue flavor of Active
Server Pages.  This has allowed you to include mv/BASIC
source code directly in-line with your HTML web documents.
In conjunctions with persistence tools such as HTML form
hidden input fields and cookies, this has allowed developers
to build fully interactive web applications in the
MultiValue environment.

While this support is fully functional, it can be somewhat
confusing to implement multi-page web application in the
page at a time, batch web environment.  PicLan-IP now makes
this task much easier.

Instead of implementing your web applications with seperate
mv/BASIC code attached to each page, you can now write
mv/BASIC code in a single controlling source code item that
"calls" each display page.  You can literally write your
web applications top-down and the underlying environment
handles all of the issues of execution order and variable
persistence for you.  In addition, communicating with HTML
forms for data entry operations is now as easy as designing
your HTML pages with mv/BASIC variable names and dynamic
array references as the input field names.  The process of
reading and writing data to and from HTML input forms is now
totally transparent as well.

The end result is that you can develop large, multi-page
data entry applications completely within the MultiValue
environment using only mv/BASIC and HTML.  All interactions
with the HTTP protocol to read form variables and setup
initial HTML field values are now handled automatically and
transparently to your mv/BASIC application.  All you do is
load mv/BASIC variables and dynamic arrays with live data
and the PicLan-IP web server handles the rest.

Modular Software is very e*d about this addition to
PicLan-IP.  We believe that this new application development
environment will allow mv/BASIC programmers to deploy high
quality production web applications with a minimum of time
and effort.  If you have been looking at other web
integration solutions for MultiValue projects, you need to
give our new set of functions a closer look.  These new
features easily makes PicLan-IP the most versatile and
easiest to develop web integration environment for
MultiValue platforms.

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If you would like more inforation about PicLan-IP please
visit our demonstration web site at http://www.veryComputer.com/.  This
site is hosted completely within the MultiValue environment.

If you are as e*d about the new multi-page web
development environment as we are, take a look at the
samples and documentation posted on the site.  Also look at
the new evaluation authorization code generator application.
This 18-page web application is written using the new
multi-page PicLan-IP functions and we think it looks and
works quite well.

Doug Dumitru
Modular Software Corporation

714 831-4774
714 831-6860 (fax)

note:  Southern Orange Country California area codes are
       changing to 949 from 714.  You will need to dial the
       949 area code starting in October 1998 in order to
       reach Modular Software.