Static vs. Dynamic ESQL

Static vs. Dynamic ESQL

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 dynamic SQL may be hard for your impact analysis tool to deal with - I
 have also seen it make life harder from the code configuration
 management point of view.                                       Colin.

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Subject: Re: Static vs. Dynamic ESQL

Date:    03/09/97 12:48

Quote:> Subject: Static vs. Dynamic ESQL

> As someone who knows very little about the relative benefits of
> using static versus dynamic ESQL statements under Ingres, is there
> anyone out there who can shed some light on the tradeoffs?

> The reason I ask is the project I'm working on has a huge amount
> of static ESQL ... my projectlet is new stuff and there's a strong
> appeal to using dynamic statements for pure flexibility.  Do I
> lose anything by doing so?  Eg. performance, etc.

Interesting question.  Some years back when we wrote a bunch of stuff
using dynamic ESQL, we got much wagging of fingers and dire warnings
about how slow dynamic SQL was.  We didn't have a choice, so I pretty
much ignored them.  Now, I sort of wonder what the fuss was all about.
Certainly you give up the ability to use REPEATED, which is a BIG win
when used in the right places.  And, you have an extra server round-trip
when you PREPARE a statement to fill in all the SQLDA poop.  But I don't
see that performance should be direly, drastically worse than
static SQL.  Yes, there will be some impact.

You might look at the OpenAPI too if you're doing something that
needs a generic interface.  If it had existed 6 years ago I would
have used it instead of dynamic SQL.

It's been a while since I did anything serious (new) with embedded SQL,
so newer/more fact-based responses are welcome.

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