Foxpro Document Storage system (OCR, OLE, etc...)

Foxpro Document Storage system (OCR, OLE, etc...)

Post by Andrew Cart » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for a Foxpro (or like) application that will work with an
OCR application (WordScan) to archive documents (and retrieve them
different ways).  I can handle this, but a problem arises when my
customers want to also store Word and Excel documents in this
repository.  How can I store Word and Excel files so that I will be
able to search their contents?  

Any advice is appreciated!


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1. -- Document Storage/Retrieval Systems --

I have a need to set up a system to permit users on separate LANs, all
connected into a WAN, to store and retrieve documents and parts of
documents.  If anyone knows of, or has, a software package that could
help me, I'd LOVE to hear about it.

The documents will all be created in Microsoft Windows compatible software
packages (like Word for Windows), and may contain graphics.  Ideally, users
would be able to add keywords, dates, and other identification to the docu-
ments, and then retrieve them using those data and have them magically
appear in Word or something.


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