Source code for "ASCII Chart"?

Source code for "ASCII Chart"?

Post by Joshua Rehm » Thu, 13 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I am writing a program which could use an available ASCII chart (Like in FP
DOS).  I know there is a windows equivalent, but I would like to limit the
selection to a subset of common diacriticalized vowels.

If full code for "ASCII Chart" is not available, there is really only one
question I have about it -- how do you get a list to fill a whole window (so
that resizing the window resizes the list)?  While this is not an integral
feature, it would be nice to implement.  Vielen dank.




I wonder if anybody has got any source code that I cn work,
it may have some errors or anomalies that you may have
difficulty with. I need to sharpen up my skills

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