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Ooops, I >don't< go by coinbuyer...  sorry about that.

Marc Austin


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Sorry about the re-post, but I noticed that my name and email were incorrect...

I'm overflowing with big ideas.  Unfortunately, I'm lacking some business
skills. (sometimes honesty hurts)   I'm looking for a business partner (or
two) that can help raise $$$ to take some of my ideas to market.  If
you're a venture capitalist, or successful computer/software executive, I
could probably use your help.

I was able to create a website that gets tens of thousands of hits
everyday....  I did this WITHOUT funding.  Imagine
what I could do with some help!  My server server stats are located here:

I have experience with Mac & Unix, and have successfully implemented
several secure, virtual shopping systems including...

My next ventures will be...  -  wheew, where do I begin?  -  an internet souvenir shop (I also own the toll free number 888-easyads)  - I envision
this website as a way to advertise on the Net without a computer  -   an internet imaging service  -  an online greeting card store, or business card site - a catalog request website

I own several other domains, as if these weren't enough. 8-|

I have a pretty simple goal in life...  to make at least $50M...   I was
born on October 28th (the same day as Bill Gates) ....  just in case you
believe in Astrology.  :-)   I live in Bellevue, WA.

If you'd like to discuss a collaboration, email me.

Marc Austin

P.S., As far as is concerned... I'm tossed between
Oracle and Microsoft products. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
(hint, hint, Mr. Gates)

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