Gracefully Cancel a Running Query?

Gracefully Cancel a Running Query?

Post by Bria » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 08:31:56

I need a way to allow my users to cancel a query that takes to long in VFP 6.0

Here are the issues:

-    I cannot use the escape key since I a driving an "increment" function in a
progress bar with the WHERE clause.  ( WHERE OPROGBAR.INC() ) The escape key
Cancels the program.

-    I have not found a way to issue CANCEL without closing an application that
issues a READ EVENTS from its main program (no modal form on startup).  (I used:
ON KEY LABEL F12 CANCEL -it killed the query and the app right along with it)

-    I have tried using on ON KEY LABEL to set a public kill toggle (I even added
a property to _SCREEN and tried that) and issue a where clause like "WHERE .NOT.
_SCREEN.MODEKILLTOGGLE".  The query ignores the toggle if it is changed in mid
query, but not when said query is initiated.

     It would be cool if my users could cancel a query without CTRL - ALT -
DELETE :) hehe



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Tom Jastrzebski

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