Codd and Finkelstein White Papers on OLAP

Codd and Finkelstein White Papers on OLAP

Post by Daniel Druk » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 02:30:21

Rich Finkelstein sent me a note indicating that some people have
not received the White Papers on On-Line analytical Processing (OLAP)
one written by Rich and another by Dr. Codd of Relational Fame
that they requested from Arbor Software.

We mail out copies of these the same day they are requested. When
the phones are busy, you may get placed into a voice mail box which
asks you to leave your name and mailing information.  Sometimes
people speak quickly or unclearly, and our fulfillment people are
unable to understand the messages in order to send out the documents.

I'm working on getting our web server set up to provide the documents
electronically. Please bear with us in the meantime. If you request
the documents and don't receive them in a timely fashion, feel free

are taken care of.



- Dan

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1. OLAP White paper by Codd

Is the white paper written by Codd defining OLAP available from ftp/WWW/Gopher
sites anywhere? Or is there another way I can get hold of it.

Thanks in advance


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